Demeter summer honey from Céligny on Lake Geneva

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Mélanie Baudet takes care of her bee colonies in the municipality of Céligny on Lake Geneva. She is a certified beekeeper and also gives courses in Demeter beekeeping. We are very happy to have found Mélanie, a beekeeper from French-speaking Switzerland who works according to the principles of gentle and natural beekeeping - this is not only good for the bees and nature, you can also feel it in the quality of her honey!

Mélanie herself gives the best description of her philosophy and working methods:

"Currently I oversee about 50 bee colonies, which I create with my own bees and of course through swarming. I refuse to import bee colonies from other countries.
As a strong eco-centric, I look at biodiversity as a whole and try not to forget wild bees, of which there are around 600 species in Switzerland. It must be remembered that the honey bee is a single species.
I learned traditional beekeeping and queen rearing, but these methods didn't suit me. So I looked for other ways of working that had more to do with the bees' natural instincts and biological cycle. That's how I switched to biodynamic, gentle and natural beekeeping."

Aroma: An aromatic, strong summer honey full of blossom and forest aromas.

Harvest Date: July 14, 2022

Awards, certificates: Demeter-certified

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