Asfaka honey Misolongi/Greece

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The fascination with bees and honey began in 2007, when a swarm of bees settled in the Nikolaou family yard. Since then, the small organic farm of the two brothers Christophoros (farmer and beekeeper) and Dimitris (musician, composer and beekeeper) has completely focused on beekeeping.

Asfaka honey contains the nectar of the plant Phlomis fruticosa (shrubby ragweed), which occurs in the central and eastern Mediterranean at altitudes of up to 1000m. The bees collect this nectar in the Xiromero region, Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. Harvest time for the honey are the months of April and May.

Origin: Aetolia, Greece.

Aromas: Fine, harmonious and mildly sweet flower aromas

Certificates, awards: BioMiel

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