Terra Andes

Terra Andes vital mountain honey with APF 200

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Plants with very special properties grow in the pure mountains of the Chilean Andes, and the bees use them to produce a unique, healthy and tasty honey!

After the effects of this honey have been known and appreciated by the local population for generations, the antibacterial and energizing properties have now been confirmed by scientific research and awarded its own proprietary label: The Active Patagonia Factor, APF. Our honey has the highest APF factor of 200 , which is well above the average values ​​of Manuka honeys.

The main difference to Manuka honey is the price and the taste: the price is much cheaper and the taste is a real gourmet delight. The best thing to do is to try this new star in the honey sky yourself!

Taste: Wonderfully mild and rich, not too sweet and not bitter.

Consistency and colour: Liquid, but not runny, therefore easy to spread and to enjoy with a spoon. Medium brown color.

Content: 250g, protected with an additional aroma lock inside.

Origin: From the Patagonia Mountains in the Chilean Andes Mountains.

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