Pistachios with Persian blue salt

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Salt on the tongue

A special taste experience requires special ingredients. That's why we not only attach great importance to what kind of nuts end up in our roasting plant, but also which spices are allowed to refine them. And in this case, noble blue salt can spoil our pistachios and ultimately your tongue.
Blue salt is a rare and particularly valuable ingredient. It tastes very intense, develops a tingling note, but has a milder finish than conventional table salt.
Enjoy a young white wine with it and you'll have the feeling that you're not at home but on the sunny coast.

Perfect pleasure companion

Enjoy your P-STASH pistachios with blue salt best with white wine, hard cheese, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream & salads.


Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

Energy value: 2655 KJ (634 KCAL)

Fat: 55g (of which saturated: 7.2g)

Carbohydrates: 15.8g (of which sugars: 3.2g)

Protein: 17.8g

Salt: 0.6g

Allergen Advice: This product may contain traces of almonds, cashews, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Content per pack: 50g. Shelled Pistachios (99.21%), Blue Salt (0.79%)

Origin: Made in Germany.

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