Sage honey Kipari/Greece

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Another Kiriakos Viros honey from the mountainous regions of northern Greece, and another masterpiece of richness, intensity and uniqueness. This honey is harvested in May, at an altitude of 850m above sea level. harvested. During the flowering season of the sage, the mountains of this area take on a beautiful purple color. The location of the bees is Greek West Macedonia, the nearest village is called Siatista.

Origin: Epirus, Greece.

Aromas: The Great Taste Jury described this honey as follows: "This creamy smooth textured honey has light floral aromas. It is almost silky on the tongue. With light herbal notes and a good balance of delicate toffee sweetness, blossoming out into floral notes, this honey is delicate and pretty."

Certificates, awards: Great Taste Award.

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