Lobsiger Schwarznuss

Lobsiger Black Walnut

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The Lobsiger black nut is a refined tree nut from the family business of the Affolter-Engelhardt family in Lobsigen/Berner Seeland. All nuts are harvested by hand - at the latest on St. John's Day at the summer solstice, before they are ripe. Then they have already absorbed the energy of the earth, but the fruit is unripe and the skin has not yet hardened. The raw fruit is then refined for four weeks with a lot of heart and soul, purely by hand and with culinary flair.

The characterful and unmistakable taste even strengthens over time. That is why the refined nuts are stored on the farm in Lobsigen for at least six months. After storage, the nuts already taste delicious. True connoisseurs can store this treasure, just like with wine, for another 2-3 years for further enjoyment.

The finer the black nuts are cut, the stronger their aroma develops. They go wonderfully with cheese and honey, but are also great enjoyed on their own or served with a desert.

Origin: Switzerland.

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