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A Sheng Pu-Erh, a young fermented tea with a lively character

This traditional, raw (sheng) pu-erh comes from Lincang in southern China's Yunnan province, which is widely considered to be the birthplace of tea. Pu-erh is the oldest tea category and the only one where both oxidation and fermentation take place in the manufacturing process.

Flavor notes: fresh foliage, birch, honey

Package/Contents: Tin with 40g for 40 cups

Ingredients/Origin: Pu-erh tea from China

Preparation: Amount of tea: 4 teaspoons / 250ml, temperature: 100°C, brewing time: 1st infusion 1 minute, 2nd infusion 1 minute, 3rd infusion 1 minute, 4th infusion 1 minute.

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