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Vanilla Pods Bourbon Madagascar Spice Organic

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Our organic vanilla with a round, warm aroma is obtained from the fermented pods of organic Bourbon vanilla in Madagascar. Its complex aroma is a composition of around 170 components and aromas.

Cultivation, harvesting and processing of gourmet vanilla is complex: every flower has to be pollinated by hand, determining the right time to harvest the vanilla pods requires a lot of experience and is crucial for their quality. The fruits to be harvested must be checked daily and picked if necessary, because the pods of a plant never ripen at the same time. The harvest period therefore extends over three months. The aromatic substances are released with the help of heat and fermentation processes. Properly stored, the fruit must ripen for weeks before it develops its characteristic aroma.

Ingredients: Organic Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans

Content: 2 pods

Country of origin: Madagascar

Manufactured in: Germany

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