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Pu Er Bai Ya No. 103 Flavor Bag

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A white tea made purely from buds of ancient tea trees in Yunnan

The large, pale green branch buds of ancient wild tea trees are a real feast for the eyes, but the inner values ​​convince us above all: A resinous-woody character surprises with floral sweetness, hay and a strong shot of caffeine, which inevitably awakens the spirits.

Cold brew variant:
Pour the normal, recommended amount of cold water over the tea and let this infusion steep at room temperature for 30 minutes to overnight in the fridge.

Flavor notes: sweet, vegetal, cedar, hay

Package/Contents: Aroma bag with 50g for 25 cups

Ingredients/Origin: White tea from China

Preparation: Amount of tea: 2.5 teaspoons / 250ml, temperature: 80°C, brewing time: 1st infusion 3 minutes, 2nd infusion 4 minutes.

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