New in the range for 2022: mountain forest honey Stuhleck/Austria

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The taste of many forest honeys remains where the forest only begins - this honey, however, takes you deep into the dense fir forests of the Fischbacher Alps!

As you can see, this is one of our favorite honeys. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else likes it, and that's quite ok.

In any case, you will find an exceptionally intense organic forest honey with very individual flavors such as musk, leather and resin aromas. With every spoonful of this honey, we remember the visit of the bee colonies by beekeeper Johannes Gruber in the Stuhleck area, which belongs to the Fischbach Alps. The bees live there at an altitude of around 1400 meters and have access to the huge, untouched forest areas as a source of food - pure nature.

After a few years, which we had to spend without Stuhleck due to a lack of harvest quantities, we are now happy to be able to offer at least a small quantity of this honey again.

Origin: Fir forests in the Stuhleck area, Fischbach Alps, Austria.

Aromas: A wide range of exciting honeydew aromas, deep and intense like nature in the mountain forests of the region.

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