Soul Spice

Ground ginger, organic spice

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The lemony-hot flavor nuances of ginger go perfectly with spicy specialties from all over the world. Ginger also tastes phenomenal as a tea and has a warming effect when you have a cold, for example in winter power smoothies or soups.

It takes about 250 days to harvest the rhizomes. However, only parts of it are harvested so that the rest can sprout again. After about ten months of growth, the leaves of the plant turn yellow, only then are the tubers harvested for the spice ginger. After drying, they are ground into a powder. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is regarded as an element of balance, its enjoyment is said to get the life force flowing and positively influence the harmony between body and soul.

Ingredients: organic ginger
Content: 30g

Country of origin: India

Manufactured in: Germany

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