New in the range for 2022: Demeter Alpine blossom honey Fläsch Graubünden

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A wonderfully creamy Demeter honey from the Bündner Herrschaft, produced with the greatest care and just as great respect for the bees. Beekeeper Alex Hanselmann gives us an insight:

"Bees have fascinated me all my life. In 2017 I took the plunge and registered for the basic beekeeping course. With the support of my wife Fabienne , we look after our busy bees in the beautiful regions: Fläsch - ST. Luzisteig GR, Fläscher Alp GR and Sevelerberg SG as close to nature as possible so that they remain strong and vital from their own momentum.

Every people has its own peculiarities, which surprise us again and again. We see the Bien as one with its home. That's why they should be able to design and expand their very own honeycomb on natural materials.

At the beginning I bought 4 Dadant-Blatt wooden hives, but this was not sustainable enough for me. I then assembled the hives myself using Swiss wood, which was cut to size by a local carpenter. The insulating material in the lid is untreated Swiss sheep's wool from a company in Eastern Switzerland. The metal lid was also cut & bent by a local metal worker .

Our beekeeping started in 2018 with 2 natural swarms, in 2019 there were already 8 bee colonies and in 2020 14. In 2021 we were able to be successfully certified as Demeter beekeeping with 18 bee colonies."

Origin: Municipality of Fläsch/Graubünden, Switzerland.

Aromas: Meadow blossoms and honeydew complement each other to create a balanced, mild bouquet.

Certificates, awards: Demeter.

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