New in the range for 2023: Macchia honey from Sardinia

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The natural landscape of the maquis is a true paradise for bees, and you will find this paradise in the richness of flavors of this honey!

The spicy scent of the maquis can be felt everywhere in Sardinia. In spring it covers the island with a colorful coat of flowers. The macchia often begins right on the beach and conjures up a southern atmosphere with mastic, laurel, strawberry trees, bristle and gorse. In summer, the herbal scent is very aromatic with lavender, thyme, myrtle and rosemary.

This honey is made by the beekeeping collective Asphodel, with whom we work for our high quality Sardinian honeys.

Origin: Sardinia Island, Italy.

Aromas: Mild, very pleasant spiciness with diverse Macchia aromas.

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