New in the range for 2022: A honey year in Sagogn, experience box with six glasses

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The first part of our new honey year series: The landscape of the municipality of Sagogn, brought into the glass by the beekeeper Fadri Beeli and his bees!

Experience and enjoy six different types of honey from the same year, from the same community and from the same beekeeper. Including a beautifully designed insert sheet with information about the municipality, the beekeeper and the honey.

We just had to make this set, because such an opportunity may never come again... When the beekeeper Fadri Beeli told us about the six different types of honey he had harvested in and near the municipality of Sagogn during a single year, the case was clear : We dedicate a separate box to this event!

In this way, alpuris was once again able to launch a world premiere (yes, we have to be that modest in this case) that is all about passion and the joy of new experiences.

Aromas: From heather flowers to forest aromas, from spring to summer meadows, dark and light shades, intensely sweet, mild and also slightly tart notes - all combined in a single box.

Special: A beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift set with an info card for each honey, designed and printed just for this box. Numbered, one-off edition of 50 pieces (unfortunately, there was no more heather honey...).

Contents: Six different types of honey from Sagogn, each weighing 85g, plus a beautifully designed card on a sturdy cardboard box with information on each individual honey.

Origin: Sagogn, Surselva, Graubünden, Switzerland.

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