New in the range for 2022: BioSuisse summer honey Arlesheim, Baselland

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A regional honey from "next door" that we have wanted for a long time...

The municipality of Arlesheim is a real gem in the Basel area, with a lively village center surrounded by beautiful natural and cultural monuments such as the Hermitage. The fact that our place of residence Dornach borders on Arlesheim was an additional incentive to include a regional honey from "next door" in our range.

It took us many attempts and a few years, but we were able to convince the innovative and passionate organic beekeeper Thomas Marti to produce genuine Arlesheim honey in the most beautiful location (see picture, product photo follows).

For all friends of aromatic summer honey from Baselland.

Origin: From the sunny slope of the municipality of Arlesheim, BL, Switzerland

Aromas: Diverse summer blossoms, strong sweetness.

Certificates, awards: BioSuisse bud

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