Triple box of honey Bernese Oberland, Grindelwald - Diemtig valley - Simmental

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This gift box contains honey from three of the most beautiful regions of the Bernese Oberland. Every honey and every region has its own, very individual character that reflects the variety of flowers in the mountain meadows.

Of course, we deliver these honeys in the unique silhouette gift box, the motif of which was created especially for alpuris by Ueli Hauswirth, also in the Bernese Oberland.

Note: This special box is not available every year. Only if there is enough honey in all three regions (such as 2020 and 2022) can we offer this beautiful and enjoyable combination.

Contents of the boxes:

- Alpine blossom honey from Grindelwald

- Alpine honey Dark Bees Diemtig Valley

- Alpine blossom honey Simmental

Origin: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

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