Honey - The Cookbook

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This book combines an informative work about the honey bee with a colorful cookbook that contains many inspiring recipes. All recipes are accompanied by artistically staged matte photographs of the kitchen and nature.

In addition to the culinary side, the book also sheds light on other aspects of beekeeping practice: the two authors Eva Derndorfer and Elisabeth Fischer accompanied eight beekeepers from Germany and Austria, presented the characteristics of different types of honey, gave an introduction to honey sensors and much more. The result is an all-round successful work with 85 recipes, 8 beekeeping reports and 9 information chapters worth knowing about honey.

Eva Derndorfer is a nutritionist, coffee expert, tea and cheese sommelier. The author of numerous books holds sensory training courses and gourmet workshops.

Elisabeth Fischer is the author of over 40 cookbooks, a food stylist and writes for gourmet magazines. She holds workshops for cooking enthusiasts and professionals.

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