New mountain jams and jellies from the Safien Valley

Collected by hand according to old tradition in the Alps and prepared on the mountain farm! We are pleased to be able to offer these fine and rare jams and jellies from Käthi Stucki:

- Lemon balm jelly (NEW!), from the alpine garden at 1250m above sea level. far above Valendas in the Safiental.

- Mountain cherry jam (NEW!), an old variety of cherries with very small, highly concentrated and wonderfully aromatic fruits. The trees grow wild around the mountain farm.

- Alpine rose jelly, prepared only from the flowers of the beautiful plants.

- mountain thyme jelly; the wild and highly aromatic flowers for this rare jelly come from the Turischer Alp at 1600m.

Later in the year, the black elderberry jam is added.

You can find these delicacies under "& more", "Jam". It's been so long...